Our major unique services by this campaign are Free Delivery across GCC, No Minimum Order & 2-Year Replacement Warranty for all products.


A concept of reserving your estimated stock of AV Accessories and Components with us without any prior commitment.



We would like to put forward an efficient practice for the corporates.

Estimate the monthly or quarterly requirements of the Audio-Visual Accessories for the projects and purchase them in the beginning of the month.

The Corporate AV Essential Box will be delivered on time by the Team Ocktopus.

We expect the corporates to provide us with a forecast of their AV essentials by the end of the month.




There are a lot of obstacles which pull the smooth execution of any given Audio-Visual Project.

We would like to address all of them and provide a solution which will save the Time, Effort and Money of all the organization in a long run.


1.       Staff availability for purchase:

Unfortunately, many of the corporates are still following a traditional way of approaching when it comes to purchase. A driver would be purchasing or collecting the items from the local market. There is no problem in collecting the items, but for AV accessories which may look similar for a normal person can make a huge negative impact on the installation phase. An expect technician is mandatory for choosing the right AV accessories and components.

2.       Expert requirement:

Yes, like we said before, the expert requirement in choosing the right item may affect the availability of enough technicians at the site.

3.       All materials are unavailable in one place:

It is highly impossible to get all the accessories and components needed for a project would be available in one shop. You may avoid the time spending on finding a parking. God forbid some parking fines. Then parking fees.

4.       Low quality materials:

The corporates are forced to compromise on quality at times based on the availability of the good quality products.

5.       Working time of the local shops:

At any given day, the work timing of the local shops is different form the 24x7 running execution of AV System Integrators. This will affect when an emergency requirement arises.

6.       Emergency or Repetitive purchases:

It is obvious that, when you have not forecasted your requirement including calculated risk and uncertainties, you may end up purchasing the items repetitively. But here also the availability of the right item at right time matters. Most items will not be available at the right time for an emergency situation.

7.       No backup:

Having a backup of the products is very important, especially when it comes to small consumables like accessories and components. Keeping backup will unwantedly affect the finances. If not, the project gets stuck in between, then what to do?

On time delivery or collection of materials:

Delivery and collection of the materials are highly miscommunicated these days! Even a small fraction of time can make a huge difference in the commit

8.       Faulty materials:

Usually in the business of accessories and components, unfortunately, if you require 10 qty you might have to buy 50 qty to make sure at least 10 qty would work properly. This happens because of the low-quality materials. If in case of this worst scenario, we have got you covered! We provide 2-year replacement warranty with no expense from your side. This shows not only our confidence in our products but also the responsibility.




  • Reduced time and effort.

  • Allocating resources strategically and appropriately.

  • Cash flow management.

  • Never over stock.

  • No misuse or wastage of materials.

  • No dead stock.

  • Reduced unwanted expenses.

  • Less affected by the uncertainties.

  • Negligible emergency requirements.

  • Instant availability of the materials.

  • Always use the new materials by refilling.

  • Timely delivery.

  • Immediate replacement of the faulty items if any

  • Best quality products at the right time.




The AV accessories and components inside the Box could be:

XLR Plug, Banana Connectors, RCA Connectors, Stereo-Mono, SpeakON Connectors, VGA Cables, DisplayPort Cables, TOSLINK Cables, HDMI Cables, DVI Connectors, Ultra Slim HDMI Cables, Audio Embedders, Audio De-Embedders, Extenders, Switchers, HDMI Baluns, Splitters, Audio Converters, Digital Amplifiers, Mini Stereo Amplifiers, Wall Plates, Scalers, Tabletop Switching Module, Tabletop Transmitter and Cable Cubby


In a nutshell our team could enable you in allocating your time, effort, and resources strategically.

Your stock will be always kept safe at our side and we will deliver to you monthly.

You may check out the video on our YouTube Channel.

If you find our approach worth exploring, kindly reach out to us at sales@ocktopus.com & +971 56 857 5875